Sales & Marketing

We noticed that there is a lack of communication and understanding between brokerage companies and number of marketing service providers. We created and integrated service to solve this market gap.

Reasonable real estate marketing strategy consists of several different tasks including website, social media, PR, AdWords, GDN, banners, billboards, print, events etc. Providing such package of services is doable for a strong digital marketing agency with a help of few outsourced partners. Marketing agencies are good in campaign project management but have very limited understanding how each specific activity effects real estate business results not to mention that they are not providing brokerage services.

Brokerage companies on the other hand tend to oversell their marketing expertise. An average brokerage company simply cut the marketing budget proportionally for each channel rather than using analytics and specific metrics. This results in overspending developer’s marketing budget in one position, e.g. website, and underspending in other, e.g., AdWords & GDN. Truth to be told, a specific person who handles marketing in brokerage company, is first of all not working side by side with brokers and secondly has lack of in-depth knowledge in each particular marketing channel. 

By leveraging our network we have created a strong team of marketing and sales professionals who have aligned motivation to achieve best possible business plan results. The in-depth knowledge of each team member creates an opportunity to achieve much better impact with lower budget. As of now we are deploying this strategy for 4 residential development projects, e.g. Agenskalna Melodija, and we truly believe that other real estate developers can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.